Duncan Pros Gives Back! 

We are so excited about our new partnership with the Stray Rescue of St. Louis.  This incredible organization works hard everyday to rescue dogs and cats that have been abused and neglected. They give them the proper care they need and a second chance at life by finding them loving homes.  

Patrick Duncan, owner of Duncan Pros, wanted to find away to give back to the community. When we were looking for an organization to team up with, Stray Rescue stood out because we love their mission and what they stand for but most importantly they are not just words, they are actions.  

We set up a time to meet their team and tour the facility to see if they were a good match.  We were fearful that we were going to be in tears and depressed after the visit, like when you see those commercials with sad music and sad animals. However, Stray Rescue impressed us even more. When we arrived we saw a team of workers and volunteers who are truly passionate about their mission. The facility is so clean, their team works hard to make sure each dog and cat has a clean cage, bed, food, and that the animals are receiving the proper care. They are so compassionate and loving to all of these animals in need.  Which was a direct reflection of the dogs that are in their care. They were happy!  These are dogs that have come from the absolute worse living conditions, of neglect and abuse. They now have hope of finding they’re forever home, and are experiencing love— many for the first time. 

What was even more heart warming was actually meeting some of the dogs that we read about. For example, Dutch Boy was a victim of having chemicals poured on him, resulting in  burning his skin.  When they first rescued him he was so sad, and he cried all night because of the pain he was in.  Meeting him he was a totally different dog, so happy, loving, excited, and trusting. (Check out the pictures below of Dutch Boy’s progress). Being able to see the change in these animals lives reassured us that we have chosen the right organization to partner with.  They are a perfect example of what an animal shelter should be, filled with love, hope, and compassion. 

Follow us on our journey!  Here is what we have going on:

We are so excited to sponsor an intake apartment at Stray Rescue.  This means we are funding the care and basic medical expenses for the dogs that stay in our apartment to help them get ready for adoption!  We will post about the dogs we have helped and their story, and who knows maybe even help one find they’re forever home.

We also wanted to give back to Stray Rescue for all of the hard work they do for the St. Louis community.  Our team is cleaning the exterior and windows of the facility monthly, so that they can focus on their mission and enjoy a clean building. Check out some of the footage from our day cleaning below! 

And if you are looking for the purrfect companion check out Stray Rescue and find your new best friend.  There are so many loving, sweet, adorable dogs and cats that are looking for a new start, a family to love, and a place to call home!  Visit Stray Rescue at strayrescue.org

To clean this retaining wall we applied a pretreat formula to the brick and let it dwell.  We then used medium pressure to remove all debris.

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Meet Dutch Boy

Cleaning for the Stray Rescue was our technician's favorite job! They loved meeting Dutch Boy and getting some doggy kisses.
Learn more about adoption
"The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog." - M.K. Clinton


We loved ending the day with hugs from this sweet girl.

Duncan Pros is proud to support Stray Rescue in their mission of “Helping Leave NO dog behind."

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